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To the nearest McDonalds!

by Guy Charnaux

Final Rating: 7.54. Finished 2 out of 169 entries.

2,880 views including the voting period.


Animator: Guy Charnaux

Description: Oh, the streams of the Yukon... DON'T CROSS 'EM! :)

Animated on Toon Boom Animate
Backgrounds made on Photoshop + Illustrator
Editing + final adjustments made on After Effects

Experience: 3-4 years

Time taken: About three weeks


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Davit Martirosyan:

Very Nice! Тop 3 i think)


Excellent animation

Isaiah Ellis:

Love style and keying

Casey Colledge:

Here is a winner! This is so impressive, GREAT JOB!

Derek Stewart:

Love it! It works really well.

Alvaro Muñoz Ruiz:

Personally I found the last pose of the ranger odd, and also the first smear seems too wide and high for the position the arms get to, but this a personal favorite, the timing felt great.

Adam Singer:

love the style :) I wouldn't say the action fits the audio very well but it was still a lot of fun to watch

Jan Abero:

Dude....I haven't seen this style from John K in a long time and you did Very Very Well.

Mahesh Waran:


Zoe Piel:

I love it!

Akshay De:

dude this is awesome work. maybe a little too much movement though. I feel like this is show from my childhood on CW. quality scene construction too. I would watch this show but I think I would pop a nerve in my brain with that much action. professional standard job man


Nice drawings! too exagerated for me.


Love this style

Janice Liu:

cool animation! i like how the pen droops right at the end

Alexis Dounce:

Really funny style of animation. I really like it!

Ruth Agada:

I love this!!


Nice job. I really the animation style.

Suyog Patil:

Fab.... in 2D very well executed and i dont see there any weird action overall Great animation....

Craig P. Smith:

Very stylized. Beats in all the right places. Great emphasis. I can see this on Cartoon Network.

Kaya Oldaker:

Nice! You, sir (or Madame) truly know how to animate! :D


Limp Pen!

Sondre Johre:

Nice job! Really liked the style of this animation.