Final Rating: 5.19. Finished 49 out of 169 entries.

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Animator: Kamila

Description: ...

Experience: year and a half

Time taken: too long


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Interesting story. Character movement is a bit jerky.


Good concept.

Zoe Piel:

Great work on those arms. Good arm acting.

Lance Erickson:

Nice concept of a guy from the future telling his past self not to do something.

Jan Abero:

I think the biggest Issue I have is the charather that disappears doesn't have enough poses to look like he's panicking or shaking. It would have helped it out.

Reshuka Parihar:

concept is good need to work on Animation

April Slocombe:

While both men look pretty much alike, I like their animation and the effect on one of them fading away.

Janice Liu:

haha nice! the guy on the right needs some smoothing out.

Luke Morin:

Love the expression of utter confusion at the end. You get an extra star for making me laugh. The arms of the characters are floaty at times but there are a lot of really nice subtle poses in the acting.


Too much movement. Needs more work.


Really like the idea!

The movements seem quite rigid and robot-like, as if they jitter into their poses. You should look into animating their hands more, they just stay the way they are and wave around until your next pose.

Keep up the work!

Jaime Colque:

I don't like the same characters in all the stories again and again, create their own characters. :(