Final Rating: 3.48. Finished 134 out of 169 entries.

12 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nicole Samm

Description: They were both about to enter the haunted mansion when Moom became paranoid and advised his friend not to proceed.

Experience: 9 months

Time taken: 3 and a half weeks


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Zoe Piel:

I can barely see anything

Mervyn Le MandarinOrange:

Need to brush up more on your animation skills..

Jan Abero:

I think the area where you goes "..It would be bad.." would benefit from more poses instead of the whole pull down of the face. To me it looks a little awkward. Similarly, it looks like at the end, you didn't have time to finish the movements during the "I'm a little fuzzy.." part. Overall, great fluidity between frames 200-275.

Craig P. Smith:

Everything's kinda floaty. You could do with stronger poses, and a more direct action to get from one to the other. I think you're trying to soften poses, but having them ease in and settling after, but it turning into a Parkinson's patient. There are times you need to hold a strong pose as it is, without a settle.

April Slocombe:

Lip sync seems off, the movements are floaty, there is a cliched pose on "Why?" and the sound tends to be cut off at the end. Other than that, the other poses are subtle throughout,