Final Rating: 4.02. Finished 107 out of 169 entries.

36 views including the voting period.


Animator: Florian

Description: Don't cross the street...
The model and the rig by
cgcookie and VMComix

Experience: 11 months

Time taken: 1 week


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Audio is out of sync. Lipsynch could use some more work.

Lance Erickson:

The lip syncing needs improvement.

Derek Stewart:

Interesting idea.. just don't really know what is happening. Nice render though!

Jan Abero:

I think you need more time thinking your poses out more. Most of the key moments on the dialogue come off stiff with a flat expressions. Even for the bird, taking the time to give the bird some ups and downs in the chest to fake heavy breathing would go a long way.

Zoe Piel:



I did like the animation, At the very beginning but near the end, the characters start to loose manuevarability and look stiff. The character is only moving his head, while the rest of the body stay still. this should never ever happen. its a big no no especially in 3d animation, as soon as a character stops moving completely they look frozen and dead.

April Slocombe:

Like the concept of the man and the bird. The bird's beak could move a bit more when he talks and the man's teeth are a bit wonky before he says, "Why?" but I like the subtle animation on the whole.