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Dont cross the stream

by Benjamin Tan

Final Rating: 1.86. Finished 168 out of 169 entries.

85 views including the voting period.


Animator: Benjamin Tan

Description: a hunter is finding his prey,when he about to cross the stream to c find more prey his partner told him something

Experience: 1 month

Time taken: 5 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Nasser Mohammed:

The character was jerky in this animation and at some point was not in sync with the piece.

Lance Erickson:

Too much jumping to key poses and the legs move erratically. They need to be smoothed out.

Jan Abero:

So Umm...Yeah...Take your time on your character Rig. Get in the habit to posing out and drawing your ideas out before putting you start working with the rig.

Tobias Egeli:

you made me laugh tho:)

Zoe Piel:

That guy is tweakin


you should pick a simpler rig than Morpheus

April Slocombe:

The man holding the gun has some very jerky, jittery movements and his leg pose on frame 144 is unnatural.


what happened ????? control the posing, practice 1st

Sam H:

words fail me.