Final Rating: 2.73. Finished 152 out of 169 entries.

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Animator: Steve Hunt

Description: A conversation you never want to have in the Men's Room.

Experience: Very little. Just some basic keyframing in Maya and After Effects.

Time taken: Roughly 15 hours.


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Needs a lot of work fundamentally.

Derek Stewart:

Good facial expressions. Cliched idea, however. Push for something a bit more original next time.

Jan Abero:

You got the poses down, but again It's another Timing and spacing issue. Really play around with the key-frames on your timeline. It will help give you more possibilities to see the movement fully realized in your intended motion.


Terrible. It lacks fundamentals , and the characters seem unbelievably stiff. And even when they do limber up its still awkwardly done. near 188 it looks like the arms are having a spasm. Honestly i would go read and study the 12 principles because it just doesn't have any seem to incorparate 1 of them well. only staging really

Jaime Colque:

las voces no corresponden a niños :/

April Slocombe:

Head movements are mechanical and the man in the purple top has a funny shoulder at around frame 166. Other than these issues, the poses are subtle and the lip sync is good.

Kyle Tweed:

Make sure your poses are strong.