Final Rating: 4.08. Finished 108 out of 310 entries.

388 views including the voting period.


Animator: Toaztz

Description: A little girl want to taste a glass of wine....

Experience: 2.5 years

Time taken: roughly 20 hours


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Deanna Keogh:

Story is confusing and the smaller person spins for too long, but the animation is good :)

Coffee N Milk:

cool idea :D

John Michael Wilyat:

What? Very confusing idea that distracts from the animation.

Marcella D.:

The setting is a huge distraction from the characters

Sabrina Winkel:

What was that?!!

OceanicBoy Joey:

Not bad, can be improve more! xDD Jia you, Toaztz!

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Very creative idea. Good camera work and fun action. However, I'd say work on more smooth transitions and cut back on some exaggeration (like, make the spinning go slower sooner).

Fernando Incetta:

Good idea overall, try to rely less on the automated splines and work more on your pose-to-pose. Good luck.

Monica Stringer:

not sure what just happened, but decent animation, although the spin looks artificial, as she stays in the same position and doesn't steadily decrease in speed