Final Rating: 3.41. Finished 188 out of 310 entries.

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Description: A mother and her calf just lounging around in the pasture.

Experience: Storyboarding, Concept Art, Modeling and Textures, Rigging and Animation and Post Production.

Time taken: The whole month


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Cool concept. but theres almost nothing. Movement, timing, it needs more to add.

Steve Schwartz:

Cute but a little underwhelming.

Kait M.:

I really like the style you've done this in but the animation is pretty stiff or unnoticeable at times. I'm not sure if it's the rig for the cow but the scene would defiantly benefit from some more expressive posing.


Lovely cows.

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Funny, I thought of retooling my animation to make it about a calf and a cow! But then, I rescinded.
Anyway, it may be a cute idea, but just because they are cute, heavy animals does not mean you should skip most of the animation. It's too static here.

Mark Hanson:

There is hardly any animation here but I do like the colors and the rigs and the environment. 1 point each for those things. 3 for the anim, 1 for the color/render, and 1 for the rigs and environs

Fernando Incetta:

Nice stage, but it lacks animation. Build from here as it if was a blocking stage. Good luck


Hahah cute cows! :)