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What kind of mother?

by Deanna Keogh

Final Rating: 3.22. Finished 215 out of 310 entries.

392 views including the voting period.


Animator: Deanna Keogh

Description: Just a little drop of something extra can make all the difference...

Experience: 1.5 Years

Time taken: A month


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Sabrina Winkel:

Great animation. Lip sync looks good the ending just blew my mind :0

Hugh Langlands-Bell:

Enjoyed the narrative, the mouth animations need some refinement. Opening shot does capture attention, I think you did eye movements really well. Too many cuts, yes, but the aesthetic is nice, I enjoyed the lighting, the muted colour palette. You can see that work has been put into it. The environment is also decent. Good contrast of animations between the girl and mother - reflecting their age and personality.

Michael Kristiansen:

Decently done. Some more movement in there spines would loosen up the stiffness I think and make it less "2D" animated.

Fernando Incetta:

Nice twist! You good some good compositions and expressions. It stills lacks some animation principles, that would be the key to make it flow and appeal much more. Good luck and keep it up!

Marcella D.:

Work on smoother character movement