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You Want A Little Bit?

by Selena Farkas

Final Rating: 3.35. Finished 196 out of 310 entries.

384 views including the voting period.


Animator: Selena Farkas

Description: A mother catches her daughter about to take a sip of alcohol but catches her just in time...

Experience: 3 months

Time taken: 2 weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Sabrina Winkel:

It's good except for the lady in the pink. She turns around in a random spot

Sarah Schulze:

you camera choice are good, you idea also but i think you need to give more time on your planning. I think you wanted to add to much ideas in the same time :)

Ariyanto Zulkifli:

Nice try. But you need reference to help your timing and performance problem.
keep practicing

Marcella D.:

Still needs to be worked on because this almost perfect

Fernando Incetta:

Good idea overall, try to rely less on the automated splines and work more on your pose-to-pose. Good luck.

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Doesn't feel natural in its movements...

Charlie Abb:

great background

Monica Stringer:

good walk animation, although expressions and lip sync could be a bit neater