Final Rating: 4.46. Finished 77 out of 310 entries.

469 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dajo Joaquin

Description: My first time entering this competition, and unfortunately it is not finished. I had only 2 weeks to work on it.

Please critique it as it is, and any suggestions on how I can improve will be greatly appreciated.

Experience: Junior animation major in college.

Time taken: At least a weeks worth.


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Gaucelm De Villaret:

Kudos for the original drawings. Some of the expressions are there, but a bit more effort could have been applied to the mother moving and other things so as to be experienced more fully (the hair animation is more distracting than impressive).

Steve Schwartz:

Even though half of it isn't done, it's still delightful. Hope you finish it!

Marcella D.:

I love the daughters movement

Charlie Abb:

Little girl's animation is good. The mother character is not finished.

Fernando Incetta:

Nice WIP! I wish you could finish it because it shows a lot of potential. The teen character has a lot of charm.

Bokang Koatja:

Very nice! Wish you'd completed it :)

Connor Leuck:

I like that character design. I hope you keep working on it. It'll look really great


I love your silhouettes for the little girl. Would've like to see it completed.

Bonnie Smith:

I love what you did with the girls animation. It would have been much better if you finished.

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

girl animation is pretty nice