Final Rating: 3.55. Finished 169 out of 310 entries.

415 views including the voting period.


Animator: Audrey Wilson

Description: Mother Gothel being a bad influence

Experience: student

Time taken: a month


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Maryline Chemoula:

Hi, I love the idea but Mery needs some polish at the beginning she kinds of moves too much and in the middle it looks like she is floating.
The kid is cute but the hand with the drink stops at some point .

Marcella D.:

Character movement could be improved

Gaucelm De Villaret:

The kid is barely expressive and the mother is overacting... there is a need to find the right balance.

Foster Eber:

Good Job Audrey! Keep it up!

Terence Staples:

Good environment. Great facial expressions.

Fernando Incetta:

Good idea overall, try to rely less on the automated splines and work more on your pose-to-pose. Good luck.