Final Rating: 1.47. Finished 308 out of 310 entries.

795 views including the voting period.


Animator: Luis Armando Limon Cardenas

Description: In a bar in New York finds a drunk mother who wants to convince his daughter that also have a drink with her but the daughter is very angry with her mother scolds her because he is an alcoholic

Experience: two years

Time taken: Three weeks


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Gaucelm De Villaret:

Uhhh... Even not counting the art style, just waving your arm up and down doesn't count as an animation interpretation!

Marcella D.:

I like the setting, but the animation overall is lazy.

Charlie Abb:

Great start. More animation needed.

Daniel Bielawski:

classic ! made me smile :)

Pablo Arderíus:


Fernando Incetta:

Not ready for competition.

Monica Stringer:

besides the arm moving there isn't any animation to speak of. If lip sync animation is a bit to far off for you at the moment, I'd start by making facial expressions at the right intervals