Final Rating: 2.30. Finished 286 out of 310 entries.

393 views including the voting period.


Animator: Carlos Longorio

Description: llllllllllllllllol

Experience: One year and a half

Time taken: Mmm 4 hours


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Gaucelm De Villaret:

Stiff positions, low level of expression... Jittering does not equal expression.

Deanna Keogh:

Just visuals - but maybe adding some contrast would help make the characters stand out... this is very flat

Marcella D.:

I understand that you are trying to do something unique with this whole 3D set, but try to finish the whole thing.

Richard Adams:

Bit hard to see, but the animation is very good. The passing truck in the background is perhaps too distracting.


The animation of the mouth is good, but I am unable to see what is going on in this.