Final Rating: 2.99. Finished 237 out of 310 entries.

410 views including the voting period.


Animator: Allen K

Description: Drinking's bad kids

Experience: novice

Time taken: hours


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Gaucelm De Villaret:

Okay, this was a funny surprise. You've got inventivity on your side... But it is not treated as well as it could be. It needs more depth, more effort in the movements, more detailing to give it the amplification it deserves.

John Michael Wilyat:

Very linear but the controls nicely is goofy and fun. Would like to see more of the fundamentals worked in before all of the coloring.

Marcella D.:


Monica Stringer:

very confused, why is the mother two different characters, why are they both alcoholic beverages? The animation is overall choppy and not the best timing. Lip animation is nicely timed though.

Ariyanto Zulkifli:

weird idea, but ok. the animation is too stiff