Final Rating: 5.58. Finished 24 out of 310 entries.

694 views including the voting period.


Animator: HZ Li

Description: They don't look to be in the same environment... which needs to be fixed!

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 2 week


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J Apaza:

i like the animation on the first girl

Pablo Arderíus:

Nice, but mother's face needs to be more expressive

Leo Pritchard:

I like it! but the glass penetrates the table.

Craig Joseph Massa:

Well animated!

Only issue I saw though, remember to respect the Directors Line (IDK the actual terminology). What I mean is, if the camera is on the right side of the character in the first cut and she is looking right, in the next cut to the mom, the camera should be to her left and the mom should be looking right. That way the viewer knows where they are positioned relative to each other and knows that they are indeed talking to one another. Hope this makes sense. Heres a clip from Pirates of the Caribbean of 2 people in close quarters talking. This is what I mean. Pay attention to the positioning of the camera and the direction they are facing:

Michael Kristiansen:

Great animation. Only thing I am not a fan of is the mothers lipsync/facial expression in general. But well done :)

John Michael Wilyat:

Check your characters eye line here. The first shot is promising but the second single makes it all fall apart.

Connor Leuck:

It looks like two completely different scenes here.

Marcella D.:

Not bad


I think the girl could have pointed to the cup just before she says alcohol to emphasize it better. The mom also could have thrown her head back a little when she laughed and went down to her arms, it would have made her look a little less stiff. But good animation though!

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Good job on the daughter's movement/expression. Not quite there with the mother... maybe the energy is wrongly focused?

Bokang Koatja:

Love the kid!

Fernando Incetta:

Good job. Don't be afraid to push your poses a little further, some exaggeration can add a lot.

Monica Stringer:

great expressions and animation on the girl, the mother could use some contrasting expressions to make it more entertaining when she flip flops