Final Rating: 7.99. Finished 2 out of 310 entries.

57,883 views including the voting period.


Animator: Janne Lehtonen

Description: Two bunnies having a conversation

Experience: 7,5 years

Time taken: 6 days


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Gaucelm De Villaret:

Okay, we have professionalism here! Smooth and expressive with finesse.

Fran Deltell:

Very nice, I love it :D

Alen Burazerovic:

Maybe the eyes are moving to much in the end,but besides that everything look´s good.. especially the first part where you can feel that the kid is drunk

Rachel Col:

you are literally a WIZARD
this is amazing!! such cute character designs and fluid movements!

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

very well done! very smooth

Steve Schwartz:

This one's my personal winner but I was torn between this and another. This one is better but the mom floats around a lot in the end (but not amateurishly), I think a slight pause or maybe not as big arm movement in the end? I don't know. I'm nit picking. Great work!

Анжелика Троицкая:

Cool! ))

John Michael Wilyat:

Wow this one got my attention big time. Really smooth animation and the characters are definitely appealing. The only thing that keeps it from being my favorite are the pose choices, it gets pretty muddy at the end with the mothers gestures. Other than that you did a good job.

Keely Imai:

Looks great! Good timing with shots and action, and very fluid animation overall. Animated on 1's or 2's? Lovely work :)

Marcella D.:

One of the best 2D projects I have seen

Glen Yancey:

This one is definitely a winner in my book! Simple but very adorable and effective character design. The body animation, expressions and lip sync for both characters look so natural and fluid. I honestly expect to see this type of quality in film or television!

A few things I really want to point out:

1) Solid Acting - I've seen a few animations in this competition where the animation is good and smooth, but the acting is completely overdone. You did an excellent job matching the acting with the dialogue in your work here. I never felt like you were over-acting anything.

2) Secondaries. LOVE your secondary animations with the child character. The bits of splashing liquid, the tail bob, the offset blinking really promotes that "drunk" feel without looking over-the-top.

3) Camera - Some animations I've seen do way too much camera work, leave too much negative space, cut off heads...etc. Your work is rock solid. Great spacing/composition, a nice clean cut, no fancy effects... your work is effectively framed and that helps tell your story with clarity.

Overall, I just love this and wanted to express how impressed I am. I'm still learning animation myself and work like this is not only impressive, but also very inspiring. I looked hard to find elements that could be improved upon but I just couldn't find anything that stood out in a negative way.

Good luck in the competition! I'm rooting for ya!

Robert Firestone:

Very nice work! My only criticism is that the mothers hand gestures get a bit too busy at "want a little bit." But great job, tons of appeal here.

Alexander Julius:

Absolutely stunning. Great linework and movement from both characters. Keep it up!

Richard Adams:

Love how the little kid actually seems kinda drunk. LOL

Fernando Incetta:

This is the work of a pro! Great technique, body language, charm, shapes and physics. Congratulations.

Rebekah Ryan:

This is so smoothly animated and the design of the characters is amazing as well! Their expressions and eye movement line up well. Also the drunken little stagger and slow blinks on the first character just add to the overall state of the character. Well done!


I like to movement of the animations. they feel like they would belong in a Disney film. The art style in great along with the lip sync. The mother really never point at the drink instead point at some distant object off screen. Overall pretty well made.


Awesome! :D

Connor Leuck:

Those are some sick arcs!

Kevin Cooper:

Very... Very nice!


nice animation

Jordan Lewers:

Stunning animation right here! The character designs are super charming! The only thing I can even say is the animation gets a little swimmy toward the end, but it's really not significant enough to be an issue. Awesome job!

Ariyanto Zulkifli:

TOP 3 for me!! very nice animation.. really love it. the idea and execution is perfect.. wow.. the animation is not al over the place but not stiff at all. Learn so much from this animation. and the character so lovely too. keep it up. :)