Final Rating: 2.46. Finished 272 out of 310 entries.

403 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tim Sezai

Description: A mum tries to hide her alcoholism from her daughter.

Experience: Less than a year

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Marcella D.:

The rig needs to have a more fluid movement, and makes sure you that there is no Maya text all over the place. When playblasting this out, there should not be many text like this anyways.

Sabrina Winkel:

I like it and it's awsome

Gaucelm De Villaret:

There are some good ideas (like the pointer finger at the end), but the end comes out as too stiff, sudden and jittery... and even disregarding that, the movements are still a bit too stereotyped...

Fernando Incetta:

Interesting poses and nice work on the drunk attitude. Too bad you couldn't finish it because it had a lot of potential. Keep it up :)

Monica Stringer:

what your trying to get across is good, your actions are well exaggerated and expressive, but it looks like a drunk animatronic. smooth that out and you'll have a decent animation