Final Rating: 6.33. Finished 14 out of 310 entries.

1,436 views including the voting period.


Animator: Craig Portnoy

Description: Has mom spiked the cereal? Have the kids got hold of the egg nog?

Experience: 1 year in the industry

Time taken: 2 weeks on and off


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Ariyanto Zulkifli:

nice animation and acting. really like the timing and pose of the girl.
but i feel a bit weird when the mom drop the telephone. It's kinda weird because the mom has no reaction towards it.
Overall is really nice. keep it up. :)


I like the animation of the young girl more, it feels more finished.


The end wasnt really cool, but overall it was enjoyable.

Rachel Col:

What makes this great is all of the little details! Nice!

Marcella D.:

The phone dropped way too quick

Jess Nye:

haha nice acting

Steve Schwartz:

I love it! The movement is so fluid. Personal point though: While kind of funny, I would have had her put down the knife and hold the phone away from her mouth. Or, physically throw the phone away. Just letting it drop seems unnatural.

Nivishaa Reddy:

well done, love the animation

Connor Leuck:

There is no surprise take on the mother; should be the biggest pose.


good character animation on the girl. The mom could definitely be pushed. Her face is too hidden, so we dont see a lot of her facial acting

Fernando Incetta:

Good job