Final Rating: 5.56. Finished 25 out of 310 entries.

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Animator: OrgMine

Description: (-=-)

Experience: 1.x

Time taken: free time


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Sabrina Winkel:

Very good!! I noticed that the stuff in the cup changes colors

Joel Cisneros:

looks good but the mother looks weird not facing the girl when she is talking... looks like shes straing off into the distance

Connor Leuck:

Love the sigh.

Mark Hanson:

I wanna date your daughter. Pretty good.

Fernando Incetta:

Good idea overall, try to rely less on the automated splines and work more on your pose-to-pose. Good luck.

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Kudos for the expressions... it's on the right track... I'd say work on the transitions between the poses, so it goes smoother...