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Animator: Ken Alexander

Description: A news broadcast from home is interrupted by a small person.
A parody of an actual BBC news report by a correspondent in Korea interrupted by a child.

Experience: 5 years or so.

Time taken: 15 days


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Howard Cameron:

Haha, nice staging, creepy kid, but overall I like the idea.

However the lipsync and the head movements need more work.

Yuri Marcel Vieira:

heh nice reference


ah - cool idea

Carolyn Merklein:

you nailed the lead up to the "what". almost nobody gets that right. after that, the second speaker never stops moving around, and its really distracting from the acting.

Frank Geadah:

creepy rigs

John McSwiggin:

Cool that is was the viral video, but the faces kinda creep me out