Final Rating: 2.41. Finished 189 out of 195 entries.

522 views including the voting period.


Animator: Isidro Gutierrez

Description: A simple animation for the contest

Experience: This is one of my fisrt works

Time taken: A couple of days


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Howard Cameron:

I actually like this idea because it reminds me of the original Inspector Gadget Cartoons.

However since I cannot see any of the characters mouths moving, and how I think the speaking roles should be revered, it is hard to read.

Brian W.:

The swinging legs made me laugh.

Animator Garima:

Unwanted moments of legs which the guy sitting on the chair no principles nothing very sticky animation.

Carolyn Merklein:

the minimalist approach surprisingly works well - except for during the "barging in" part. then it really does not. neat risk though.