Final Rating: 1.83. Finished 195 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: Lara Mac Donnell

Description: I used this month's audio for the max rig. This project also includes and off screen character talking to the character. Enjoy.

Experience: Some nice experience

Time taken: About 2 hours


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Raphael Blanchet:

Cool concept, could use better execution.

Max Maxim:

hahahah) nice, joke)

Kocharyan Arthur:


Brian W.:

Play with your software, become familiar with the way features work together. First priority should be to learn how to export a video file.

Bivek Dawadi:

so bad




I can see the lip-sync for 'it's nice' works out quite well. Maybe next time you could try animating the whole body with some weight to the character. So if he's standing give him a nice line of action and think about his balance. Add some character to it as well so maybe an arm hanging by his side creating an asymmetrical pose

Roshan Khadgi:

like the idea

Frank Geadah: