Final Rating: 6.87. Finished 8 out of 195 entries.

1,850 views including the voting period.


Animator: Qi Yang

Description: Two robbers had just exploded the door of a bank...

Experience: almost 3 years

Time taken: all the spare time in this month


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Imraan Zaindeen:

frame 180 should be a moving hold but otherwise great work!


Frame 178?


Why he is stuck while pointing out the turtle?



Shamel Esmaeil:

Really nice animation on the human character, but he needs some moving holds at f:190 . The turtle looks good in the beginning, but it gets a little floaty towards the end. Good job overall!

John McSwiggin:

Good models, and excellent lip-sync

Christopher Winn:

The animations good but I think you should reverse the roles

Dominic Seeber:

The weight is done so nicely with both characters and I love the end pose by the guy!