Final Rating: 7.69. Finished 2 out of 195 entries.

106,899 views including the voting period.


Animator: TKEom

Description: hi

Experience: 4.5

Time taken: 1m


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Laurie Bick:

The quick turn around is a bit too fast. I think buffering in a few frames more, would smooth it out. mostly between frames 217-219

Otherwise, Spot on.

Howard Cameron:

Amazing posing!

Florent Perrin:

Good potential here but the moves don not reflect the energy of the voices, they seem not to be from those characters



John McSwiggin:

The best lip-sync I've seen so far in the competition

Carolyn Merklein:

GAH this guy is on crazy pills. the last gesture is great and hammy, but is really at odds with the tone of the voice over


This is incredible! I especially love the bit of hair that flops around and the overall exaggeration. Maybe the one thing is that the tie doesn't flop around or move at all. Still, this is very good and I can see it being in the top 3.


if you would have work with different camera angles it may look much more better .... & if you had worked with the 2 character a little it would be nice.

Dominic Seeber:

Your overlapping and follow through movement is so smooth with the arms hair and eyebrows! I really like the sharp movement by the word "If" and how it emphasizes his feeling.