Final Rating: 5.24. Finished 42 out of 139 entries.

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Animator: 韩锦昊

Description: 一位年轻人强行搬入一位老人家中

Experience: I just a student

Time taken: 1year


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Zach Savaglio:

The character design is good, but I don't really enjoy frame number 238, 239 and 240. For a fast "jult" like that, I would add more frames to it.

Howard Cameron:

It's really good, but it would be nice to see their faces clearly when they talk.

Shantanu K:

Nice context. Character gestures are also good. Composition is good too. Work on those splines and timing!

Hajar Khakrand:

Nice Shot... Just need to work on ease in and ease outs and the Texture in your animation

Fernando Incetta:

Not bad. Shot 2 is a little strange, it would help if we see his face at least towards the end of the shot. There are some posing issues here and there but it is a solid piece overall.

Frank J. Warsinski:

This, I know is a subjective thing, but I don't think you needed those extra few seconds of silence in the beginning of the scene. You could have started right off with the same action (carrying in and putting down the box) then have that character turn to the seated guy on "old school.." in his effort to convince. That way you've used your eleven seconds allotted for for the scene to better effect. I'm just imagining a director (or lead animator, etc.) giving you the assignment of an 11 second take, and what you come back with is more than what he/she asked for - but not exactly in a good way (i.e., more seconds in a scene on a tightly budgeted/time managed production). Now your boss is distracted with how to handle this little snag, instead of just saying "nice job!"
Of course, I could be completely wrong!
I'm just one guy. And quite often there's a whole world out there that disagrees with me.

By the way, nice job.

James Daggs:

Very nice work. I really love the use of camera angles in this piece. It perfectly compliments the animation.