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Basket ball shot

by loic

Final Rating: 6.36. Finished 11 out of 139 entries.

16,498 views including the voting period.


Animator: loic

Description: Basket ball shot

Experience: 2 y

Time taken: 3 weeks after work


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Zach Savaglio:

Good! But I would have liked to have seen the other voice.


nice moves, id like to see at least once the 2nd guy though.

Jordan Barg:

great, it falls flat at the end though. everything gets super stiff. would be nice to have some sort of action (you have the ball adjust happen right before, and a slight headshake, but maybe a hand gesture or a weight shift) but right now the head shake is very isolated. lip sync shapes could also be pushed a little (especially at the end)

Frank J. Warsinski:

The animation here is so good, it has me wishing to see another character in the scene. That's why I didn't give it more stars. If another character were moving and acting as well as the only one in the scene, I might have given it 10, or maybe even eleven stars. Whoever made this has some real skills - by the looks of it, both on and off the court!

Fernando Incetta:

Good. Charming, funny and with style. The arms look a little bit too IK, specially when he holds the ball under his armpit.
I know we are not evaluating rendering but the still in the background doesn't work. The perspective is crooked and it becomes a little distracting.
Nice work overall, you have solid chances for being TOP 5.

Tasha Howe:

Love the ball re-adjustment under his arm at the end, the most intuitive bit of the animation in my opinion, really good job, only note could have used the Z-axis a bit more

Raevynne 'Mei' Vile:

I love what you did with the basketball guy, but I wish we got to see the other character. Keep up the good work!


I really love your acting choice and the idea for this animation, you doing really well on the animation too! One tiny input from me is if you could move him back while he dribbling, so the dribbling action read really well (even tho your current action is well read too), but it could sell more with that idea, imho. Great stuff!