Final Rating: 5.50. Finished 36 out of 139 entries.

486 views including the voting period.


Animator: George John Bowden

Description: Featuring Malcolm and Mr Buttons with props from TurboSquid. I've been very busy. There is room for plenty of improvement and I have learnt from my mistakes. I'm looking forward to the next challenge.
Hope you enjoy.

Experience: 3 Years

Time taken:


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Shantanu K:

Nice rendering, although the cat's movement is a bit too quick and snappy, so its not clear, readable properly. Nice shot composition. Also you could work on the timing of their actions

Petr J.:

Some arcs and follow throughs are nice and some are a bit unclear - hands on frame 107 ,117… Silhouettes could be improved. (There is also quite a lot of intersections but I don't mind about that much)

Fernando Incetta:

Pretty good. The biggest issue I see is the lip sync, it makes the whole acting weaker.
Nice rendering, by the way.


Think you should have animate the old guy's right arm in FK. I does not look natural for me.

James Daggs:

Solid work. Nicely expressive and the animation is pretty good overall.