Final Rating: 5.58. Finished 33 out of 139 entries.

524 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mohmed Nsr

Description: crazy man try to make crazy conversation

Experience: 3 yaers

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Frank J. Warsinski:

The animation is great in its wild-n-wacky movements. I just wish the 2 characters shared more screen time early on, with more reacting and interaction between the two.

Zach Savaglio:

The movements are too fast and "animated". (yes i know this is an animation, animated just means not realistic) Look at frames 20, 21, 22, 27, 37, and a few others.


It looks very very fluid and it looks nice, but it also looks too over the top and the dialogue between the characters gets lost in all the action. I like the idea you tried in your work, but its too much for the tonality the characters are talking at.

Howard Cameron:

Might as well make him the Genie of the Lamp, would be cool to see this shot finished.

Gautham Chandran:

Too much exaggeration

Hajar Khakrand:

Nice cartoony style :)... Maybe a bit too much is some places

Ruben Uggla:

Perhaps a bit too quick

Fernando Incetta:

I'm torn on this one. Technically it's good, you show great understanding of cartoony animation and smear frames. But I don't think it's serving the piece.

Raevynne 'Mei' Vile:

I love the zany acting choices!

Tasha Howe:

Really strong start, up to 'into your spot' although very exaggerated it works really well. After that there isn't much contrast and the movements don't really match the voice as well. For example, would have been nice for him to then take on a fake serious persona or something to get that contrast in his erratic movements. I get that this is probably your style of animation and it is done so well at the start but I think the squash and stretch is a little to much.

James Daggs:

I love the cartoony animation, but I also feel like it's out of place when paired with the dialogue.

Saka Setyo Atmojo Asj:

I think it's too much

Shekhar Nalanagula:

loved the cartonny transitions!!!