Final Rating: 2.48. Finished 136 out of 139 entries.

437 views including the voting period.


Animator: alicia obredor

Description: they are two characters that go in a car and go talking

Experience: student 11 months ago

Time taken: one and a half weeks


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Zach Savaglio:

Very choppy movements. That's the first thing you should work on.

Fernando Incetta:

I'm taking that this is a WIP so I won't look too far into the animation. What is with the framing? There doesn't seem to be a reason to have them off-centered.

Raevynne 'Mei' Vile:

Interesting character choice! I hope you finish it!

James Daggs:

This is clearly unfinished. It just looks like you uploaded the rough key poses, added a low resolution backdrop and nothing else.