Final Rating: 5.75. Finished 30 out of 139 entries.

484 views including the voting period.


Animator: Marcus Carril

Description: Coach and Ig debate housing arrangements...

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 40 hours


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Zach Savaglio:

I remember seeing this is the work in process!! Very good!

Fernando Incetta:

Pretty good, nice work combining two characters with such different scales. The bad side of that is that the gecko's actions get a little lost because of his relative size in the screen. The fact that he is acting in front of a bunch of horizontal lines from the bench doesn't help either.

Niko Frenkenberger:

The problem for me is that it isn't clear which character is supposed to get the viewers attention, the camera switch makes it a bit confusing. I think that the scene would work a lot better with the first cam only.

But overall a good piece, I see potential :)

Lina Zhutautaite:

Great characters, I like your choice, especially lizard, I would work on lip-synch more. Overall, good job!