Final Rating: 5.85. Finished 28 out of 139 entries.

491 views including the voting period.


Animator: Shekhar Nalanagula

Description: A thief has just tricked the policeman and stole a precious painting now he wants to move to the policeman's home and hide there or maybe train some of his junior thieves there, so that they can trick the policeman just like he did.....

Experience: around 1 year

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Petr J.:

Interesting style. Anticipation could help to catch the quick movements (it is used only in the beginning of the video now). Silhouettes could be probably improved. Nice work :)

Fernando Incetta:

Nice one. Animation is fluid and stylish, and pretty funny overall.

The thief is thin, sneaky, and "weasel-y" so it makes perfect sense for him to move like that. But the other guy is big, handcuffed and low-key. I don't think he should have moved in a super snappy smeared fashion in frame 109, it doesn't work with the contrast between them that you created before.


George John Bowden:

Some great poses and expressions! However I just felt the camera move between 95-100 was too jarring. This is just my opinion as I can see you want to achieve a cartoony and highly energetic style. However I don't feel the camera move was even needed. But this shouldn't take away from your great work!