Final Rating: 6.67. Finished 9 out of 139 entries.

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Animator: Kevin Ryan

Description: a kid finds a fighting game champ working at his local gamestop, and believes he and his crew could learn a thing or two from the washed up pro gamer

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: 20 hours


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Fernando Incetta:

I like it, there's a lot of personality just in the body language. Great interpretation of the voice clip too. Nice job.

Shantanu K:

Nicely done! The lines are good. The subtle acting works well too. He shrugs his shoulder twice, which feels a bit repetitive so avoid that, otherwise, it's a great piece of animation!

Peter Conolly:

I appreciate 2d animation more than 3d, especially since most people can just import models these days. That being said, the setting and interaction between these well drawn characters fit well within the audio's imagined environment. I appreciate the attention to detail, such as the controller's cord being affected by gravity.

James Daggs:

Fluid and expressive animation. Awesome job!