Final Rating: 2.88. Finished 124 out of 139 entries.

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Animator: andres benavides

Description: harold y su entrenador observan un partido de basketball, mientras planean ir a entrenar juntos.

Experience: un año

Time taken: 40 horas


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Petr J.:

Use more controlers when making a pose to add subtle movements. Also easing should help.

Alexander Croteau:

The mouth shapes need work. Not sure how long you got to work on it but the movements also need some work. They all look so robotic.

Fernando Incetta:


Tamara De Schepper:

Very stiff like they are lego figures. They don't blink at the right moment. Look in a mirror when doing lip sync it helps

Christopher Wasp:

Lip sync is way off. Movements are robotic. There is no life in this scene.