Final Rating: 1.97. Finished 281 out of 283 entries.

29,589 views including the voting period.


Animator: Riley Drenam

Description: A test practicing for the future

Experience: First time animator

Time taken: About a week


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John M:


Daniel Miller:

I must've missed this audio file months ago, make sure to use the audio clip from this month

Matthew Campbell:

I want the brain cells I lost by watching this back

Jamie F:

WHUT? Hahaha. Genuinely lol'd.

Charlie Rose:

I can't tell whether this was accidentally submitted or if you're trying to make some kind of joke.

Carl Slate:

I think... you may have selected the wrong file? Like, accidentally?

Carlos Apodaca:

no puto

Ivan Mladenovski:

Please read rules.

Eric de Fromont:

This belongs in a museum!

Mostafa Barakat:

Where's the audio ? Is this a meme?

Kimberly Holbrook:

I don't think I need to state the obvious, but goodness this is not the competition's audio, haha!

Henry Barbee:


Cristian Toledo:


Jessica Labut:

Looks like you had fun kiddo, but you probably should've posted this to your youtube instead!


Toma las situaciones con seriedad pro favor, no tiene nada que ver con el concurso.

Keely Imai:

I'll admit, that was a good giggle after a long string of voting :P