Final Rating: 5.15. Finished 43 out of 156 entries.

372 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lauren Wilson

Description: Here is my animatic for this month's competition using my characters Marigold and her daughter Lillian. In this animation, Marigold is waving goodbye to her daughter, but she cant help but worry for her daughters future

Experience: Two years of animation practice

Time taken: 3-4 weeks


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Pablo García:

I think you need to improve the timing

John Aurthur Mercader:

This has some great detail! Could really benefit from alittle timing tweaks. Also push those poses!


Good work, but some actions are way too fast. The holds in the scene work very well, it's the other general movements that need to be slowed down a little more.

Carlos Guadarrama:

You should work on your timing and spacing as some stuff feels just right while other stuff feels sped up

Reece Morgado:

The animation here is nice, but way too fast. You've got these beautiful character designs, and they all move a lot, but that also makes the lines very wobbly, and lingering on the long shot for so long makes it hard to focus on or see the lovely character animation you're doing at the time.

Try to spend a little more time blocking out the animation into an animatic, so you can get the timing perfect before you jump into animating.