Final Rating: 6.62. Finished 10 out of 156 entries.

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Animator: Andrey

Description: schoolgirl sings about her mood

Experience: 15years

Time taken: 4 days


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John Aurthur Mercader:

I love it! If you want to push this concept further, it could help to really study your acting choices to really sell the emotion you are going for. But this has some great blocking, it really shows you spent time in the inbetweens.

Richard Adams:

Really, really nicely done! Like Julie Andrews singing "The Hills are Alive"... Has a very movie-like feel to it, like one of those big-budget old Hollywood musicals, "Singing in the Rain" vibe. 9 stars from me. :)

Michael Loeck:

Looks great!! For some reason I picture a bunch of people walking around her with blank stairs wondering why she's singing. Using their phones to post on youtube later. lol..