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Absent Minded Smile Baker

by Callum Burdett

Final Rating: 4.36. Finished 59 out of 156 entries.

360 views including the voting period.


Animator: Callum Burdett

Description: 2D animation set for the March 11 second club. A girl grabs her bag for school but trips.

Experience: I'm still learning, mild experience

Time taken: a few days


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Pablo García:

I have mixed feelings.
The animation in general is very poor and I think you need to improve your timing and basic principles.
But some drawings are so Steven Universe and the final is so epic this is a 8/11.

Reece Morgado:

Some really ambitious animation and shot composition going on here, such a shame it wasn't able to be completed beyond roughs.

Would have loved to see more focus given to the actual voiceover/singing too, as much of the animation feels very detached from what is happening in the audio.