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Animator: Kazi Shafiqur Rahman Shawan

Description: A ship destroyed , and 2 survived. They are talking to each other.

Experience: beginner

Time taken: days


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Mohammadhosein zarghal:

Megan Lucas:

I would suggest using the 6 steps of animation.
Also have a look at the 12 principles of animation.
Pick a principal to focus on and follow the six steps.

In this piece you need to check your splines, and where your frames are. There seems to be a lot of conflict in the frames and that causes your character to have sudden and erratic movements.
Try and snapping your keys to whole frames if they aren't already.
When trying to adjust a frame that already exists make sure you are on that exact frame.

Again, research the 6 steps and the 12 principals
I look forward to seeing how you grow your animation skills.