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11 Seconds Animation——Threaten

by Xishichun

Final Rating: 3.93. Finished 81 out of 117 entries.

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Animator: Xishichun

Description: Voice 1: Hey man. You think you have it bad? I just spend all day mending socks. All day. Just socks. So will you please, just let me have this one thing?

Voice 2: Yes, I will. Okay. Don't hurt me.

Voice 1: Great!

Experience: 2.5 years

Time taken: About 20hours


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Christian Stewart:

It doesn't feel like the poses she is doing are poses that one might do when saying that sentence. Try recording yourself saying that almost as if you were acting and see what you tend to do when saying the line.


I like the motion, but unfortunately the animation is stiff try having characters move around the scene to help convey emotions!