Final Rating: 5.20. Finished 38 out of 117 entries.

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Animator: Matt

Description: Barrels of freshly mended socks surround an unhappy sock mender.

Experience: Little experience animating characters

Time taken: 15 hours


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Ben Zingo:

Really like all the anticipation, overshoot, follow-through, etc. you added in!
Seems like you could push some of the poses and body language though. Leaning forward, leaning backward, pushing some of those shrugs and key poses (and don't forget to rotate the neck!).
Really nice stuff! Seems like you have a lot of potential, just start pushing some of those poses further, and don't be afraid to move the whole body!

Michael D. Smith:

Include the full body in the expression, not just the waist up even if it's not seen. Great facial expressions.