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Animator: Jason Matthews

Description: An embittered bunny decides it's time to trade tasks with her timid tortoise of a coworker.

Experience: 2 years of serious self-educating, but I've been animating "for fun" for 20+ years.

Time taken: Just under 2 weeks.


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Justin D:

Love the background

Jennifer Croom:

I'm in love with the character designs and rabbit's walk cycle is SO fantastic. The facial expressions are so funny too. This is definitely one of my favorites.

Susannah N.:

Love it! The animation is great, and love the characters too!

Laura Sullivan:

aww haha they're so cute! i love this one


Good Job.

Jose Velasquez:

I saw this entry 4 times now, whats going on?

Jingle Grigsby:

DAMN! Really good...

Elvis Rodriguez:

I love the animation and it really shows the emotions of the characters