Final Rating: 3.13. Finished 109 out of 117 entries.

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Animator: Shanara Curtis

Description: i used Toon Boom Harmony and 2d animation. i used my own Characters Daisy and Edwin.

Experience: a year and a half as a student.

Time taken: $ weeks


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Laura Sullivan:

Feels like you’re brand new beginner, we all start somewhere! The lip sync looks good, but I’m a little unsure exactly what’s going on, so look at your story telling beats and poses. Also watch more reference for rotating faces, make sure eyes stay visible and in line as the faces turn.

Jingle Grigsby:

Why did the eyes disappear? Why :( could use some more work! Good job though..........ooga

Elvis Rodriguez:

Definitely could've used a more polished pass, but the lip syncing isn't bad at all

Mathew Payton:

Nice, I like how your raising and lowering the eyebrows and I feel like you know what emotions they're feeling well. But if there was less changing positions on screen and the changes happened more slowly it could make feel less "glitchy".