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Animator: elahe

Description: I work it in Tvpaint . that is my first experience at lipsync ,I like it .

Experience: almost 6 years

Time taken: almost 3weeks


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So cool reactions, clean 2D animation, Great Idea !! Loved ur work, n also good use of "Aftabe" which is an Eastern object :))

Laura Sullivan:

This is just great! I love it

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Too much adlib in the intro part though, against the rules.

Stephen Steinbach:

wow, great work. As a 2d animator myself, I dont think I could have done that in 30 days. Great old school, with solid drawings.


Good job. Good Concpt,

Thais Torrens Fernandes:

Love your style!

Marzani Kirkland:

You told this story very clearly, and I live the characters and the background! Well done!