Final Rating: 5.41. Finished 34 out of 117 entries.

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Animator: Cean Huckabay

Description: A Lady needs something to save her sanity.

Experience: A little stop-motion experience.

Time taken: I worked on it sporadically throughout the month.


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Christian Stewart:

Try to get the dude moving. Not a whole lot, just to not have a stiff looking character in the scene.

Jennifer Croom:

I love this so much, I love that you had her walk up to line up with the footstep sounds and the way she grabs his shoulders is so natural and funny, great work!

Predrag Lazic:

Crazy eyes. ^^

Laura Sullivan:

Nice camera angle and posing! i think you just need to tighten up lip sync and facial animation a bit!

Hannah Briant:

great camera angle

Ben Zingo:

uncanny valley! More blinks, maybe more squinting/lid movement, and move the eye controller around! It's uncanny when they have wide-open un-moving eyes.
The movement feels really nice/natural though, so that's great! Seems like the guy is very stiff/unmoving, more of a reaction from him would be nice!
But overall, nice work!

Michael D. Smith:

A blink after "great" would help a lot.

Jingle Grigsby:

Love the dutch angle!

Elvis Rodriguez:

The eyes and mouth sometimes don't align with the tone that was initially set in the beginning, but the animation is smooth