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Office Complaints

by Tiffany

Final Rating: 5.00. Finished 44 out of 117 entries.

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Animator: Tiffany

Description: Two colleagues arguing over 'sock' paperwork.
I orignially had 2 weeks to work on this, but had to restart so only had 5 days - as such i only have my unpolished second pass but i'm happy with where its at and will be finishing this going forward!

Experience: 2nd year animation student

Time taken: just under 5 days


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Jennifer Croom:

This is so funny, I love it! I wish there was a little bit more movement, but I love it anyways!

Cean Huckabay:

This is very charming!

Dan Boot:

Love the character designs but they feel a little stiff with bursts of action.

Might be animating on too high a FPS? try spacing you're frames more

Kelly Kearney:

Very cute character designs! A helpful suggestion for you would be to push and hold your poses. That would make your animation stronger and help convey your character's emotions!