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Mrs Santa

by Robin, March Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.39. Finished 1 out of 117 entries.

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Animator: Robin

Description: Mrs Santa has been mending all the socks for the Christmas elves,so they can be lined up at the fireplace.She is then demanding one of Santa’s cookies as a reward while we see the elves go crazy with their socks,which is the reason for her bad mood.

Experience: ~10 years

Time taken: 30 hours + a lot of procrastination


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Michael D. Smith:

Wow... just wow.

Jennifer Croom:

The expressions in this are fantastic!

Aaron James Mongcopa:


Laura Sullivan:

wow this one is really good! great work


God jobs, Good Acting, Good concept.

Thais Torrens Fernandes:

I love the story you created, her reactions felt very well developed. Great work.

Jingle Grigsby:

WHAT THE HECK? how did u do this! so GOOD!