Final Rating: 6.21. Finished 12 out of 126 entries.

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Animator: Daniel Vasconcellos

Description: In a near future, a science class happens.

"Bones" rig provided by:
Digital Creator School

Experience: 8 yrs

Time taken: 3 weeks after work


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Seamus Mullan:

Really like the movement in this one. I'm going to criticise the movements chosen for some actions, as they don't seem to line up with the narrator, but regardless of personal choice it is well animated


The animation is fluent, that's great. I think the yellow guy moves a lot for... nothing. I think you could have done a close-up so we can focus more on his acting and his lipsync rather than his entire gesture. But your walkcycle is great. Maybe you could have make the chair turn later in the beginning, it's a bit fast for my eyes :))


Good job! Nice animation


The main character movements are fluid, but the poor lip sync is a major detractor. I think you would have been better off not doing it, as it does take away from the overall product.