Final Rating: 3.23. Finished 168 out of 193 entries.

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Animator: Randy Ramli

Description: There is character "A" who wants to greet his neighbor, then he enters his apartment. And it was discovered that his neighbors and neighbors were not happy with the presence of character "A "who entered the apartment through the window.

Experience: 0

Time taken: 1 day + 2 H


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Richard Adams:

Very, very floaty. Search youtube on how to fix floatiness in your animation.

Katelyn Monnier:

The lip sync is off in a few places such as "everyone that comes in here...". I would try to better focus on what phonemes are used in the dialogue and try to match those. Also, the audio peaked in a few areas, specifically the beginning.

Joshua Barcenas:

I like the timing of your motions! I think it helps with the punchline and adds a sense of fluidity to the animation. I think taking reference footage for movements and mouth shapes for lip syncing would really help to elevate your animation's quality. Good job!