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Dirk and the Pigeon

by Jay

Final Rating: 6.67. Finished 17 out of 193 entries.

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Animator: Jay

Description: A pigeon breaks in and acts like he owns the place; the real question is, how do you get him out?

Stop-motion using paper cut animation and a sock/ball armature with 3D-printed replacement mouths and hands.

Experience: 5yrs~ for fun/education, 26wks dedicated to stop motion

Time taken: 2 days animation, 1 day compositing, 2 weeks making set/props/character


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Richard Adams:

The mixture of a stop motion human and a 2D pigeon doesn't quite work. Above average animation for stop motion, though. Top 25% IMO. You put a lot of work into this, and it shows. I like this!

Annessah Ramsey:

the amount of respect I have for stop motion is through the roof this is incredible


To give myself feedback, I'd move the human character less when the pigeon is talking and change the camera angle slightly to increase focus. Overall, I think it reads well, but I'd also want the human poses to be stronger in places to improve the energy.